Love for Larchfield – from Richard Ford to Heat!

Larchfield is that rarest of rare first novels – a book that actually achieves its great ambition. I found it so immensely readable; it’s brainy, verbally acute and knowing, with an ingenious literary historical premise that it impressively (and artfully) carries off right in front of your eyes. It’s work of considerable talent — Richard Ford

This is a mysterious, wondrous, captivating book — Louis de Bernieres

A fine novel of rich mysteries. What an original way to explore the assembling or collapse of identity; the reader has a powerful sense of a kind of vortex into which the two main characters are drawn – with a masterly stroke of unexpected impossibility standing in for a moment of mental collapse. I was riveted. — John Fuller

Larchfield is beautifully eloquent about that quotidian kind of courage that so often goes overlooked: that fortitude that allows us to engage compassion through our loneliness, and to construct a future in which our truest selves might fit. — Jim Shepard

A story beautifully and passionately rendered — Margie Orford

This lyrical novel about the poet WH Auden and a young mother is captivating — Heat
A meeting of minds across time, between a modern-day woman poet and a young WH Auden, illustrates the redemptive power of the poetic imagination — Red
Brava brava! Most satisfying thing I’ve read this year. Beautiful. — Brian Chikwava
The sense of danger hanging over the characters kept me reading until past midnight — Marina Lewycka

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