June Events for Larchfield

It’s very exciting that three very different events for Larchfield are coming up in quick succession: two in London, and one in Melrose at the Borders Book Festival.

Wednesday 14 June 6.30 PM
in conversation with Emma Harding

An evening where I’ll be discussing Larchfield and Auden with BBC Radio’s Emma Harding, and there’ll be some poetry too. And wine!

Tickets are FREE, but please reserve through Eventbrite here:


Thursday 15 June 6.30pm
with Swedish poet and novelist Tom Malmquist

This exciting evening puts two poets with emotional debut novels together for some illuminating chat about poetry, fiction, parenthood, and your questions!

Tickets £5, and you can find out more and book here:


Friday 16th June
with Annalena McAfee

Polly Clark and Annalena McAfee, two superb writers with novels that are real favourites with the book festival team, join us to talk about their gripping new books Larchfield and Hame. Both novels are set in coastal Scotland, where their protagonists seek to carve out new lives. These atmospheric stories of two modernday women interweave with those of two complex poets who once lived in their adopted homes. Yes – W.H Auden really did live in Helensburgh whereas the irascible Grigor McWatt of Fascary is pure fiction.

Tickets here:



  1. I wish I could make one of your London events while you’re here, but sadly am busy both times. All the best for the success of a very fine novel. Ali

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