Larchfield Paperback Cover

thumbnail_Larchfield_MMPEven though the paperback is not published until March next year, I can’t contain my excitement about the cover! Publishing my debut novel has demonstrated many times over how much top flight creative talent goes into making a book what it is (not my talent, I hasten to add: another key realisation is that my contribution is just one thing. The original story. That’s it. It’s essential of course, none of the rest would exist without it, but still — a book is so, so much more!)

Having no visual sense at all outside language my thoughts about the covers of Larchfield have boiled down to two negatives: NO HEADLESS WOMAN WITH MISTY BODY PARTS and NO CURLY LETTERING. These would, to my mind, brand my book as ‘girly’ when the story is anything but. It may be half about a woman and fix a steady gaze on female unmentionables like childbirth but it is not girly in the least. My publishers asked my opinion about covers early on in the process, and I fed in my negatives, and you can see what happened. A beautiful head! Twice over! Strong lettering! Twice over!

I think you can judge Larchfield by its cover, in both editions, no question. But I hope you will pick it up and love the story between the covers too.

Thank you all at riverrun and Quercus….


  1. Looks perfect, Polly. Hope there’s going to be another launch in London then I can say hello and congratulations!
    All the best and every success.

    1. Thanks Ali! I’m sure there will be something in London — a ways off though, next March. But yes! You must come and I’m really looking forward to meeting you .

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