Tuesday August 15th, 10.15am in the Speigeltent with Annalena McAfee, author of HAME…. So excited to be appearing here!

Two novels, set on the west coast of Scotland, explore how the imagination connects writers of different generations. In Hame, Annalena McAfee’s heroine Mhairi McPhail moves to the remote Scottish island of Fascaray to write a biography of the late Bard of Fascaray Grigor McWatt, a cantankerous poet. Polly Clark’s Larchfield is set in Helensburgh, where W H Auden took refuge after a broken engagement. Chaired by Diana Hope.

Do please come along (with your coffee because it is quite early for us book types!) and hear Annalena and I discussing the genesis of our very different takes on Scotland, poetry, outsiders and motherhood. There’ll be time for questions and, I hope, some lively discussion.

You can get tickets HERE

AND you can vote for Larchfield for First Book Award at the Festival HERE