To Khabarovsk and beyond…

My tiger tracking journey is now underway! I left bright and early from my little boat this morning, having perfected my packing (I’m wearing most of my kit on the plane — I’m toasty and bulky!). I’ve spent a couple of days alone on the boat reflecting on the journey. So much time is spent alone as a writer, imagination exists somewhere in that space between solitude and loneliness. I thought of the male Amur tiger, who spends his life patrolling his enormous territory, some 500 sq km, encountering a female or a rival from time to time, but otherwise completely alone. What does the tiger think of during those long dangerous days and nights? Does the tiger get lonely? Or does he have his own imaginative life filling his head, that we can never know?

I don’t know if I will be able to post anything from the forest… but if I can I will. Until then, blog friends, au revoir and wish me luck!

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