Tiger prints in the Siberian snow…

The tracks, body imprints and grisly kills of wild Siberian tigers surrounded me. Every morning in Durminskoye Reserve in the Far East new tracks criss-crossed the perfect snow. The tracks were so fresh it was clear that tigers had patrolled their territories through the night within a couple of kilometres of where I slept. Deeper in the forest, we would, over the coming days, piece together the story of the tigers’ days, from the kills we found, with their network of imprints and tracks fanning out, each leaving their timeline in the snow. Each time we came across a significant track or imprint, we set camera traps. These detect movement and take a photo or video to help us complete the story, capturing the moment when tigers returned to a kill, or used the same stretch of trail again.

A tiger returns to the scene where we set a camera trap


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