Larchfield – Waterstones Scottish Book of the Month

Published in paperback March 8th, Larchfield has been chosen by Waterstones as their Scottish Book of the Month.

This is very exciting, showing that the story still resonates a year after first publication and my vision of a miraculous encounter between a depressed mother and WH Auden in the Scottish town of Helensburgh continues to mean something to readers in the real world.

At the moment I am hidden away — actually trapped by the bad weather — writing my next novel. The four years I lavished on Larchfield now seem like a dream of helpless indulgence as I work to finish my next in a fraction of that time. There has been no time for tears or tantrums or terrors — though I have, as a true professional, found time for all of those. So intense and solitary can the task become that one can easily forget one ever wrote anything else, or did anything else, or loved anything else.

But I did. I wrote Larchfield, and how I loved Wystan and Dora when I wrote about them. Here they are again, with a lovely new jacket, and this terrific boost from Waterstones. It’s like looking up and seeing your child walk in unexpectedly, so lovely and perfectly herself, and being frankly astonished that you ever had a hand in making her.

I’m so thrilled that Larchfield begins a new life in paperback. I will watch its new steps with great pride, when not engaged in the sweaty conception of its sibling…




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