TIGER reviews

Fierce, elegant and compelling… the very force of nature caught in fiction.

Laline Paull, author of The Bees

Unsettling, immersive . . . A startling, gore-splattered, nerve-racking exploration of how human and animal territories – both physical and psychic – collide . . . Combining the propulsiveness of a thriller with the raw yet meditative tone of a memoir, Clark writes with a poet’s ear and a naturalist’s eye, and has a deep grasp of the profound contract between indigenous peoples and the beasts they revere. She never loses sight of the endangered creature that forms the beating heart of a passionate, remarkable and uplifting novel. (full review here)

Liz Jensen, The Guardian

Tiger will doubtless — and deservedly so — enjoy critical success, but will surely sell very well too. Tigers are box office. Think of The Life of Pi which won the Booker, although Clark’s Tiger is more tigerish than Yann Martell’s ever was… Clark’s tigress is magnificent and terrifying… Her depiction of the complicated relationship of man and beast is acute… Clark’s evocation of the of the terrifying wastes of the taiga and the grim horror of a Siberian winter represents a real and memorable achievement. (full review here)

Allan Massie, The Scotsman

Visceral… exotic… An impassioned celebration of second chances.

Stephanie Cross, Daily Mail

Clark’s second novel is lyrical and richly imagined, immersing the reader in the Siberian wilderness. Tackling themes of grief, motherhood and empowerment, it questions the price we pay for freedom and for love.

Hannah Beckerman, Observer

A gorgeously written and unique novel that plunges the reader right into a vividly described natural world.

Good Housekeeping

A captivating walk on the wild side.




Set across two continents, Tiger is a sweeping story of survival and redeeming love that plunges the reader into one of the world’s last wildernesses with blistering authenticity.

Frieda is a primatologist, sensitive and solitary, until a violent attack shatters her ordered world. In her new role as a zookeeper, she confronts a very different ward: an injured wild tiger.

Deep in the Siberian taiga, Tomas, a Russian conservationist, fears that the natural order has toppled. The King tiger has been killed by poachers and a spectacular tigress now patrols his vast territory as her own.

In a winter of treacherous competition, the path of the tigress and her cub crosses with an Udeghe huntress and her daughter. Vengeance must follow, and the fates of both tigers and people are transformed.

Learning of her tiger’s past offers Frieda the chance of freedom. Faced with the savage forces of nature, she must trust to her instinct and, like the tiger, find a way to live in the world.

Tiger published in hardback May 2019 by riverrun.

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