Raw version — writer Polly Clark talks about how she came to write her novel Tiger

Glasgow’s Book Festival Aye Wright has cancelled because of the corona virus. Leila Aboulela, author of Bird Summons, and I had a great event planned! Her website is here. I look forward to reading events as they are the main way that authors have the chance to talk about their books, why they went to the trouble of writing them, and why they think you’d love to read them. Meeting readers is a big plus of the writer’s solitary job.

Still, with no events to go to, there’s lots of time to read! TIGER is a great example of what I’m calling #ISOLIT. I’ve made the film so that you can know more about the book, and hopefully enjoy it more.

Whether it was 50 of you or five who would have been there, this film was made for you. Sorry we didn’t get to meet, but I hope you enjoy it.