Read All About It Podcast – Polly Clark on five life changing books

Click HERE to listen.

In this podcast series Paul Cuddihy talks to authors about five books chosen in response to a series of questions. An interesting discussion ensues, and I discover here that the books I chose have had effects long into my life.

Totally alarmed to discover on the show that not every 6 year old read Struwwelpeter, this highly disturbing children’s picture book! How can this be?

The other books I chose are Clarissa by Samuel Richardson, The Great Soul of Siberia by Soo Young Park, The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and The Smash Up by Ali Benjamin. All linked by my life in writing and of course TIGER, which is published in paperback 12 November.

Do please have a listen and then check out other authors’ podcasts too. Douglas Stuart, Kirstin Innes and Cathy Rentzenbrink are among those who have divulged their book secrets so far….

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