German TIGER success

In less than four months, TIGER has earned out its advance and is well on the way to selling out its entire hardback print run in Germany. This is despite my being a brand new author in Germany, Brexit, the pandemic, bookshops being closed and no live events! I am flabbergasted and thrilled and so proud of the magnificent edition published by Eisele Verlag, and especially excited because, after the US, Germany is the largest market and to do well here is a dream for an author.

German Bookstagrammers are an inspiration. Here are just a few of the many posts on Instagram since publication in November 2020. I have absolutely loved reading the reviews and admiring the imagination on display. Although the cover does invite a good photo…

Thank you to everyone who has bought and read Tiger, whether in Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria or the UK. I am so grateful for all these new readers and so happy to have transported so many of you to a thrilling wilderness and into the mind of a Siberian tiger…

If you have read and enjoyed Tiger, do please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads or your own blog, or social media. These are the modern word of mouth…


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