From Research to Readership @ Moniack Mhor

Sara Sheridan (author of The Fair Botanists) and I have devised a course for fiction writers with a work in hand, running from April 4th to 9th 2022 at Scotland’s Creative Writing Centre, near Inverness, Moniack Mhor.

What is research for a fiction writer? What needs to be researched? How much research ends up in a book? And what do you do with all that knowledge (and, possibly, outfits) after the book is complete?

And once your book is written, how do you approach the marketplace? The world your book will enter is whole other country.

Sara and I are excited to see and discuss your works in progress and share our experience with you.

We’re also delighted that Graeme Macrae Burnet will be joining us as a guest.

Click HERE to see more about the course.

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