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Photo credit: Ruth Clark


  1. I picked up Take Me With You last week when on holiday. I’m haunted by the strange simplicity of your beautiful multi-layered poems. Thank you.

  2. Polly
    I am sweating my way home on the 168. Gutted I didn’t say goodbye and thank you for the boat filled conversation tonight. it was a delight to meet you and I look forward to reading Larchfield… Good luck on the water

  3. I have just finished Larchfield which I chose to read after a visit to Kilcreggan recently. We loved the area and Helensburgh. I never knew about the WH Auden connection which has made me delve into his biography with much interest.
    Do hope you write another Larchfield – it was completely captivating and has left me behind in Helensburgh!
    Best wishes

  4. Hi Polly I just finished reading Larchfield and was totally gripped by it. I found your depiction of early motherhood so powerful. Post natal depression is something I have experienced twice and have written about too in my book The Wild Other, but I thought your descriptions of the strange emptiness of having a young baby so powerful. Thank you for writing it

  5. Hi Polly, Just finished reading Larchfield and wanted to congratulate you on your achievements since your time in Oxford. I guessed from the classes you taught that you had something like this in you (and more!). I’ve loved your work for the last 15-20 years or so, and look forward to reading more in the future.

  6. I just finished reading Larchfield and I really enjoyed it! I lived in Helensburgh for 2 years when I was a teenager, 1974-76. I attended St Bride’s Academy as a day student, the 2 years before it joined with Larchfield to become Lomond Academy. Although a cultural shift for a coastal South Carolina (USA) girl, I have wonderful memories of Helensburgh and my time there. Thanks for helping me to wander the town again! Lisa Lang

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